5 Mythical Creautes That Could Actually Exist

Painting of the Kraken

The world is a vast place.

That said, it’s mindblowing to think that monstrous creatures such as the Kraken could exist. I have little doubt that some of these mythical animals whether real or not would’ve been exaggerated as time went on.

Nonetheless, given that there have been many drawings and paintings of these beasts drawn over thousands of years not to mention countless stories that include detailed characteristics of these creatures. I can’t help but think that there is some substance behind these so called legends.

What’s your personal opinion on them?

Do you believe these beasts could’ve or still do exist on earth? Or have some people manage to troll human society for thousands of years. If the latter turns out to be true, I’ll be sure to shake the bloke(s) hand when I meet them in the afterlife, if there is one of course.

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