The Reality Behind Pro Bodybuilder Diets

By February 21, 2016Brainflex

Arnold Eating

Are they eating machines? Or is it something else?

I’m sure you’ve always wondered how Pro bodybuilders like Phil Heath and Jay Cutler eat in order to bring their mammoth sized yet extremely conditioned physiques to competitions. And surprisingly, it’s not what you think, at least according to Marc Lobliner.

In this video, Marc gives us he’s detailed insight (which seems quite reasonable and accurate) on how pro bodybuilders go about their dieting. Bear in mind while watching this video, as Lobliner continues to reiterate throughout the clip, that pro bodybuilders are by no means the “average Joe.” In fact, these guys are the genetic elite, and in Marc’s own words “the bodybuilding equivalent to Lebron or Steph Curry.”

The point is, these guys have an amazing physical specimen which 99.99% of the rest of the world do not have. Therefore, at times, they don’t need to be as meticulous as the average person would have to be, simply because of their supreme genetics.

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