Give Leo Dicaprio A Damn Oscar

By February 21, 2016Entertainment

leo dicaprio oscar

Personally, I thought Leo Dicaprio deserved an Oscars years ago.

There are few actors that have had a career as diverse and successful as Leo’s in the film industry. In fact, by looking at his filmography, you will find that he has been the leading actor in a myriad of jaw-dropping movies not to mention that he has also starred in practically every genre but comedy. And given his unbelievable talent, I wouldn’t put it past him on doing that too.

In recent years, fans far and wide have publicized their support in Leo’s drive to obtain an oscar. Unfortunately, though, the people in charge of choosing the Oscar winner see it differently. And to protest against this bizarre decision, College Humor have made a comedic video in support of Leo.

So please if the person in charge of the Oscars is watching this, just give Leo a bloody Oscar.

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