How To Catch A Kangaroo

By February 16, 2016Entertainment

How to catch a kangaroo Yep, you read that title right. This video is going demonstrate how to catch a kangaroo. And if that wasn’t hard enough, this bloke is going to show you how to do it with your bare hands.

The land down under or otherwise known as Australia has a huge reputation for its bizarre list of deadly wildlife along with its unique animals such as the Kangaroo. That said, catching this particular species particularly with just your bare hands is no easy feat.

When fully grown, a kangaroo can sustain a speed of 40 km/h (25 mph), and when needed to, they can hop even faster at 70 km/h (43 mph) over short distances.

Yet in this video, wild man Andrew Ucles uses his amazing and unique understanding of Kangaroo’s to predict their movement to catch these wild animals. Watch in amazement as prehistoric hunting is reborn, but this time in style.

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