Eating The Glamburger: The World’s Most Expensive Burger

By February 16, 2016Food

Glamburger - World's most exspensive burger

Introducing to you a £1,237 or $2000 Glamburger.

For those of you that are wealthy enough or willing to pay this much for a burger than you can purchase it at the MTT-Brand Burger Emporium in the UK.

But for those that rather save that $2000 for half a months spending money in Asia. Then you will have to watch on to see what the mouthwatering $2000 Glamburger looks like along with FuriousPete demolishing the Sistine Chapel burger equivalent in under a minute. Yes, a $2000 burger in under a bloody minute..

The £1,237 ($2,000) GlamBurger:

  • Kobe Beef
  • Caviar
  • Canadian Lobster
  • Maple Syrup with Bacon
  • Italian White Truffle
  • Gold Covered Smoked Duck Egg
  • Gold Covered Bun
  • Saffron Sauces

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