6 Snacks To Beat The Midnight Munchies

By February 16, 2016Food

Midnight munchies

Midnight munchies is one thing many of us exprience far too often.

If you have ever attempted to lose weight through restricting your food intake, then you know what I mean when I say, that fighting munchies and particularly midnight munchies could possibly become the transcript for the next Mission Impossible movie.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that hard. Fit Men Cook shares his 6 delicious yet healthy meals that can fend off those cravings for sweet, salty and savory foods that have numerously set you back in trying to lose fat. To my surprise, the recipes seem quite feeling yet delicious and of course, not calorie heavy.

The 6 Midnight Munchies:

  1. Hearty Turkey & Zucchini Rolls
  2. Toasted Sugary Cinnamon Sticks
  3. Sweet & Spicy Chipotle Popcorn
  4. Sauteed Fruit with Greek Yogurt & Cream Cheese
  5. Zucchini Basil Bites
  6. Protein Crepe with Cottage Cheese

For a more detailed step by step guide on how to create these 6 midnight munchies, visit Fit Men Cook’s website.

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