Perfecting Your Physique With Rich Piana

By February 13, 2016Tips & Tricks

The Perfect Physique - Rich Piana SCARY Pose

No muscle should be overlooked when aiming to achieve the perfect physique.

To the untrained eye, the human body may be simple. But to anyone who has half­ an-understanding of muscle and physique development, the human body is far from simple. Instead, every square inch provides room for improvement, especially when you’re striving to build the perfect physique.

Rich Piana is a dominate force in the bodybuilding industry. Aside from having an insane physique himself, he is also incredibly informative about supplement usage on dietary considerations. In this video, Rich also shows just how knowledgeable you need to be when it comes to understanding the human body to build the ultimate physique.

If you are someone who is just going to the gym every day with no real intentions of improvement, take a look at this video. You will quickly see just how much further you can improve your body, and how perfect you can truly make your physique.

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