How Companies Create Before And After Photos In 5 Hours!

By February 13, 2016Brainflex
Photoshop before and after

Here is a dark secret that most supplement companies never want you to find out. 

The internet has changed the way that people can access information about health and fitness. In some cases, this is great as it provides resources that offer truthful and honest information. On the other hand, it has also become a platform to manipulate people such as through false stories of fitness transformations.

Thankfully, there are videos like this out there that are debunking all of those, “get fit fast” schemes. In just five hours, Furious Pete goes from super jock to average Joe, using a reverse method of photography that many internet marketers are using. Whether you have been in the gym for years or you just found your way to the weights, everyone wants to get to their ideal physique as quickly as possible. But before you go and shell out your entire paycheck, consider whether or not you are looking at an online scam.

Here is a video that shows a photoshopped before and after transformation completed in just 5 hours.

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