A List Of Bodybuilding Movies & Documentaries

By February 10, 2016Brainflex

Bodybuilding Movies - Arnold Schwarzenegger Posing Topless

A list of bodybuilding movies and documentaries for you to kick back with.

If you’re an avid weightlifter, you know the importance of taking a rest day. That said, if you’re one of those people that can’t get your mind off training but love kicking back with a film, then why not combine the best of both worlds with some bodybuilding movies.

This list consists of movies/documentaries that go way back to the 70’s when the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Franco Columbo and Frank Zane were dominating the bodybuilding stage. To be frank, however, some of these bodybuilding movies were simply busts. But then there are those such as Pumping Iron that evidently put bodybuilding on the world map and allowed it to evolve into what it is now. And then we are left with others that focus on the dark side of the sport – namely, performance enhancing drugs.

As for the list, the top 5 films are the one we highly recommend all weightlifters and bodybuilding fanatics to watch to gain a deep insight into our sport. While the others are great in their own right, however, they have been added in no particular order.

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1. Pumping Iron

Out of all bodybuilding movies out there. If you had one to choose one to watch, this would be it. A 1977 documentary that seemingly set bodybuilding on the world map, which focused on the 1975 Mr Universe and Mr Olympia competitions which included Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lou Ferrigno and Mike Katz.

Bodybuilding Movies - Arnold Schwarzenegger Biceps

2. Bigger, Stronger, Faster

A documentary that examines the use of performance enhancing drugs in weightlifting.

Bodybuilding Movies Bigger Faster Stronger

3. Generation Iron

A bodybuilding movie that gives fans front row access to the life of some of the world’s leading bodybuilders as they train and prepare for the 2013, Mr Olympia.

Bodybuilding Movies Generation Iron

4. Kai Greene Overkill

A documentary on bodybuilder Kai Greene which highlights the countless hours training and work ethic needed to be a professional bodybuilder.

Bodybuilding Movies Kai Greene - Overkill

5. Evolution of Bodybuilding

A documentary that offers a close look at what it takes to compete at the Mr Olympia while also illustrating how the industry has changed offer the past 50 years.

Bodybuilding Movies - Evolution of Bodybuilding

6. Mark Dugdale: Driven

A documentary of the life of bodybuilder Mark Dugdale during his comp prep in his lead up to the 2006 Iron Man Pro.

Bodybuilding Movies - Driven Mark Dugdale

7. Stand Tall

A documentary on Lou Ferrigno which recaps his journey to the Olympia 19 years after he has retired from competitive bodybuilding.

Bodybuilding Movies - Stand Tall - Lou Ferrigno and Arnold Posing

8. Stay Hungry

A 1976 dramatic comedy film which gravitates around buying a gym to complete a real estate lot.

Bodybuilding Movies - Stay Hungry Bodybuilding - Arnold Schwarzenegger

9. Muscle Beach Party

A comedy movie made in 1964 which consists of local beach-goers finding out that their beach has been taking over by bodybuilders.

Bodybuilding Movies - Muscle Beach Party

10. Why We Train

A documentary that sheds positive light on weightlifting.

Bodybuilding Movies - Why we train Bodybuilding

11. The Comeback

A 1980 film that portrays Arnold Schwarzenegger’s comeback to the Olympia stage after an absence of five years.

Bodybuilding Movies - The Comeback

12. Kai Greene Redemption

After the immensely popular documentary of Kai Greene in overkill. Redemption digs deeper and explores all facets of the life of pro bodybuilder Kai Greene, from unforgivable leg workouts to posing routines.

Bodybuilding Movies - Kai Greene - Redemption

13. Pumping Iron 2: The Women

A documentary that focuses on several women in female bodybuilder as they prepare to compete in the 1983 Caesars World Cup.

Bodybuilding Movies - Pumping Iron 2 Movie Cover

14. Ronnie Coleman – The Price of Redemption

An insight into Ronnie’s life into the offseason as he prepares to take out another Mr Olympia title.

Bodybuilding Movies - Ronnie Redemption Movie Cover

15. Ronnie Coleman – The Unbelievable

A film that encompasses Ronnie’s workouts five and a half weeks out of the 2000 Mr Olympia contest.

Bodybuilding Movies - Ronnie Coleman The Unbelievable Cover

16. Jay Cutler – All Access

An insight into the life of 4x Mr Olympia champion Jay Cutler.

Bodybuilding Movies - Jay Cutler All Access Cover

17. Muscle Beach Then and Now

The complete history of the historic landmark Venice beach that bodybuilders from all over the world have made famous.

Bodybuilding Movies - Muscle Beach Then and Now

18. Teddy Bear

A movie about a 38-year-old bodybuilder who strives to find true love.

Bodybuilding Movies - Teddy Bear Movie Cover

19. Phil Heath – The Gift

An overview of the life of reigning Mr Olympia champion, Phil Heath.

Bodybuilding Movies - Phil Heath Movie Cover

20. I Want To Look Like That Guy

A documentary which consists of an out of shape average Joe transform his body over 9 months.

Bodybuilding Movies - I Want to look like that guy

21. The Man Who’s Arm Exploded

A documentary highlighting the use of and abuse of steroids along with other physical enhancing substances. Features Greg Valentino, the man with the biggest arms in the world.

Bodybuilding Movies - Greg Valentino

22. Pain and Gain

An American comedy and crime film directed by Michael Bay which consists of criminals and bodybuilders affiliated with the Sun Gym. Starring Mark Wahlberg, Dwayne Johnson and Anthony Mackie.

Bodybuilding movies - Pain and Gain Movie Cover

23. Dennis Wolf – Hungry like a Wolf

The life of an upcoming German bodybuilder Dennis Wolf.

Bodybuilding Movies - Hungry Like a Wolf Movie Cover

24. Battle for the Olympia 2007

A documentary unveiling competitors train and prepare for the 2007, Mr Olympia.

Bodybuilding Movies - Battle of Olympia 2007Photo Credit: SecondFocus 

25. Larry Scott, A life in bodybuilding

A film recounting the early years, posing, awards and career highlight of Larry Scott.

Bodbuilding Movies - Larry Scott, A life in bodybuilding Movie Cover

26. Hidetada Yamagishi – Colossal Workout

The story of how Hidetada became the first ever Japanese bodybuilder to quality for the Mr Olympia.

Bodybuilding Movies - Hidetada Yamagishi - Colossal Workout Cover

27. Silvio Samuel-Next Big Thing

An intense raw insight into Silvio Samuel, a top 10 finalist at The 2007 Mr Olympia competition as he prepares to set foot on stage.

Bodybuilding Movies - Silvio Samuel Movie Cover

28. Chris Cormier – Real Deal

5 days out from Mr Olympia as Chris polishes off the last phase of his preparations for Mr Olympia.

Bodybuilding - Chris Cormier - The Real Deal Movie Cover

29. Nasser El Sonbaty – Nasser on the Way

A documentary of bodybuilder legend, Nasser El Sonbaty.

Bodybuilding Movies - Nasser on the Way Movie Cover

30. Jay Cutler – A Cut Above

A film showing the life of Jay Cutler in 1999 as he was rapidly climbing the bodybuilding ranks.

Bodybuilding Movies - Jay Cutler A Cut Above

31. British Grand Prix 1999

An overview of the 1999 British Grand Prix.

Bodybuilding Movies - British Grand Prix 1999

32. Arnold Classic 2004

A recap of the battle at the 2004 Arnold Classic.

Bodybuilding Movies - Arnold Classic 2004

If there any bodybuilding movies or documentaries that I may have lelt out. Please feel free to comment it below so I can add on and expand this list for the community.

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