Back & Bicep Workout With Matt Ogus

By February 8, 2016Workouts

Matt ogus workout - Back and Biceps - Matt ogus doing cable curl

Slowly, but surely.

When I first saw a Matt Ogus video, he wasn’t anything special. This was back in 2012 when he was physique was that of a typical weightlifter that you would see in every gym. Fast track four years and now he has a body that men dream of achieving. A physique that is lean, aesthetic and proportioned. Just goes to show that hard work, consistency and being proactive sure does pay off.

In this video, Matt gives us a glimpse of his back and biceps workout that he has uses on occasion to build and mould his muscles.

The song he uses in this video is “Lovers & Liars” by The Fourth Horseman.

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