Gatebil On Ice Vs Liam Doran

Gatebil On Ice

If you thought Rallycross racing was cool with their exhilarating turns and adrenaline speed, then do I have a surprise for you.

Let me introduce to you Gatebil on Ice, an event that occurs six times throughout the year between Norway and Sweden, where a group of drifting fanatics rock up with their slammed cars and spend the day hooning around.

This time round, the Gatebil on Ice wanted to ramp it up a bit by inviting professional RX racer and X-Games medallist, Liam Doran to take his fire-spitting Citroen Rallycross car, to join the mayhem.

And to top it off, you will also be seeing glimpses of a V10-engine M5 doing what it was to born to do along with a MkIV Supra.

“Seriously, some of the most fun I’ve had in my car,” – Liam Droan

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