Arnold And Franco: The Unbreakable Friendship

By February 7, 2016Brainflex

Arnold and franco

Two aspiring weightlifters in a foreign country helped each other succeed and thus formed an unbreakable friendship.

It’s been a long journey ever since Arnold began bodybuilding. But from the very start he’s always had a friend that stayed by his side and helped him along the way; that man was Franco Columbu. Even until this day, Arnold and Franco still remain the best of friends.

Just goes to say, bro’s that make gains together, stay close forever.

“In 1968 I moved to America, all alone, with nothing. But in 1969, this goofy, strong Sardinian joined me. We’ve been best friends ever since – even though we haven’t understood a word we’ve said to each other.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold and Franco celebrating a victory.

Arnold and Franco

Friend vs Friend.

Arnold and Franco - Competing

Arnold, Franco and Sylvester being cheeky.

Arnold and Franco

Arnold and Franco pretending to listen. (They actually look quite captivated by the speaker)

Arnold and Franco

An image of Arnold, Franco and friends in the Golden Era.

Arnold and Franco - Golden Era

Arnold and Franco with Joe Weider and friends.

Arnold and Franco - Golden Era

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