Roofing Documentary: Risking Life Itself To Follow A Passion

Roofing Documentary

Roofers, some would call them reckless while others may call them adventurers. But one thing is for sure, they participate in an extremely dangerous activity, yet at the same time, one of the most thrilling.

What I’m talking about is an extreme activity which goes by the name of Roofing, where people scale tall buildings such as cranes and skyscrapers to get a glimpse of what would be a sense of tranquillity and a surreal view of our cities.

Yes, that’s right, this hobby is absurdly dangerous, as most the time “Roofers” don’t wear safety equipment when climbing these monstrous sized structures. So with that said, as emphasised as the beginning of the roofing documentary, I strongly urge you not attempt this activity, as it most definitely can lead to death by the simplest of mistakes.

The only reason I wanted to show you this roofing documentary was to promulgate why these people do such a risky activity. And simply, it’s because it showcases individuals doing what they love, with a little risk no doubt, but nonetheless, it’s their passion, and they are willing to risk their life just to pursue it.

“Do what you love man. Do what you love!”

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